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Interested in joining the fun?

How old do I have to be?
We now offer 2 divisions,  25 & over, and our Senior Division serving players 40 & over. 

When are the games?
The season begins in late March or early April and ends in mid September or early October, depending how far in the playoffs your team goes. Both divisions play their games on Friday evenings.

Where are the games?
The 25 & up Division plays Friday evenings at various High Schools and Parks and Fort Worth. The 40 & up Division plays Friday evenings at Rockwood Park (City of Fort Worth) just north of downtown on University Dr.
How much money does this cost?
Each team is required to pay a specific team league fee. How the league fee is obtained by the managers of each team is up to them. Some teams get sponsorship help, and divide the balance by each player. Some teams just divide it amongst each player. Often times uniforms are extra.
How do I get on a team?
The best way is to show up ready to play at our draft/tryouts. Check the website for specific dates, times and locations.  

However if you missed the tryout date, please register by filling out the "Not on a team yet?" tab and fill out the form that will generate an email to the player development coordinator and he can include you in our emails to get in contact with you.

Thank you!!